Let´s ROCK 2020!

Dear Friends,
Thank you for sharing the vision. Thank you for being in my life and for allowing me into yours.
The revolution goes on, further news coming soon!
Let´s ROCK 2020!

Living in the Gap (Official Music Video)

We are living in the gap! In Zeiten von Echo Kammern und Filterblasen müssen wir ständig unser eigenes Verhalten reflektieren und überdenken, wie wir unsere Lieben behandeln wollen. Wie können wir zum menschlichen zurück finden? We need a revenge of analog!

Turn the Wind (Official Music Video)

Soulmate friends! We just launched our second Music video „TURN THE WIND“ on YouTube! We are so happy to get so much enthusiasm and positiv feedback for our new double album! We are counting the days to our release date on October 11th!