1. The following conditions apply to the „Conference Call/Sing-along – WakeUp“ campaign organized by Red Rock Production Leslie Mandoki, Klenzestraße 1 a, 82327 Tutzing (hereinafter „Organizer“):
  1. Use of the recordings: All properly submitted audiovisual contributions (videos) may be used as audio and/or audio-visual, either in whole or in excerpts, e.g. published as part of an album on CD, vinyl, as well as digitally for download and music streaming (both as an album bundle, but also as part of a single track or mixed combinations, i.e. fully usable without content restriction), as well as cut together as a film and/or as a music video for download and/or streaming platforms, the official YouTube channel of „MANDOKI Soulmates / Leslie Mandoki“ and all other official social media platforms of „MANDOKI Soulmates / Leslie Mandoki“ and as part of a catalog album by „MANDOKI Soulmates / Leslie Mandoki.“ The organizer is not obliged to use the submitted material.
  2. Participation: In order to be able to take part in the campaign, the participant must shoot a video at his own expense and make it available to the organizer. In this video the participant must sing to the video version of the song „Wake Up“ from the double album „LivingInTheGap & Hungarian Pictures“ (2019). When singing, the song is ideally heard through headphones so that the sound in the submitted video only reproduces the participant’s singing. Participation is made by email to wakeup@redrock.de (max. File size 25 MB). Larger amounts of data can also be sent via common download platforms (including WeTransfer, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, FileMail, etc.).
  3. Only natural persons over age 18 are eligible to participate. Participation is possible only in your own name. Only one participation per person is allowed.
  1. Transmission of content: The participant ensures and is responsible for the fact that he is the sole holder of all rights for use, reuse, and exploitation of the content he has transmitted. In particular, it must not contain any brands, protected marks, industrial property rights, works protected by copyright or ancillary copyright or other intellectual property of third parties. In this respect, the participant indemnifies and holds harmless the organizer from all claims by third parties. Contributions that violate such third party rights or, in the opinion of the organizer, could violate them, will be excluded from participation at the organizer’s discretion or – if the video is already finished – removed at the participant’s expense. By sending the video, the participant grants the organizer a simple, irrevocable, transferable right to use the transmitted content that is unrestricted in terms of time, location, and content, free of charge.
  2. Exclusions: The organizer reserves the right to exclude multiple participations (e.g. under several names, accounts or email addresses), conspicuous submissions, or bulk submissions from the promotion. Also excluded are people who attempt to gain an advantage through the use of prohibited aids or technical manipulations. A violation of the conditions of participation entitles the organizer to exclude the participant from participation without prior notice. It is forbidden within the framework of the campaign to transmit or make accessible content that is criminal, pornographic, harmful to young people, racist, or otherwise extremist or discriminatory.
  1. Data protection: Personal data such as name, date of birth, address and/or e-mail address, and/or telephone number are required to carry out the campaign. These data are required in the process of the campaign and will be stored by the organizer until the campaign is finally completed. The data provided by the participant will be treated in accordance with the data protection declaration, which the participant has viewed on the “WakeUp” Conditions of Participation page and explicitly and separately accepted. The participant can revoke their consent to the collection and storage of the data at any time by revocation. The revocation must be sent to: office@redrock.de. The organizer will then delete the participant’s data. This also ends participation in the campaign. If the deletion of the data contradicts legal regulations, the data will in any case be blocked with regard to further use.
  1. Ownership: Material transmitted or sent to the organizer becomes the property of the organizer without restriction. The organizer is not obliged to return material that has been sent in.
  1. Liability: When carrying out this promotion, the organizer is not liable for negligent breaches of duty, provided that these do not relate to essential contractual obligations, damage from injury to life, limb or health or guarantees or claims under the Product Liability Act. The same applies to breaches of duty by agents of the organizer. The organizer is not liable for technical problems in the transmission of content.
  1. Changes: The organizer reserves the right to change, cancel or extend the campaign, or conditions of participation, at any time without reason, especially if proper implementation is no longer possible for technical and/or legal reasons. In such a case, a participant is not entitled to any claims against the organizer.
  1. Final provisions: The judges‘ decision is final. German law applies. The place of jurisdiction – insofar as permissible – is Munich for all disputes arising in connection with the campaign.